Episode 9, Season 1 / Nov 19, 2020

Brittany Howard and the Greatest Hits Music Issue

In Conversation

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) joins managing editor Danielle A. Jackson in conversation for the OA’s 22nd anniversary music issue, guest edited by Howard.

This Greatest Hits music issue is available at OxfordAmericanGoods.org and hits newsstands nationwide December 1. Brittany Howard’s latest album Jaime and single Jaime (The Remixes) are available now.

Episode 8, Season 1 / Sep 16, 2020

Points South Live: Dead Horses

A live performance from BlakeSt

In Session

`Milwaukee-based folk band Dead Horses performs at BlakeSt in Bentonville, Arkansas and chats with Bryan and Bernice Hembree (Smokey and the Mirror), co-founders of the Fayetteville Roots Festival.

Dead Horses is Sarah Vos (vocals, guitar), Daniel Wolff (upright bass, vocals), and James Gallagher (percussion). Their latest EP, Birds, is available now.

Episode 7, Season 1 / Sep 2, 2020

Points South Live: Front Country

A live performance from BlakeSt

Points South Live

In our first episode of Points South Live, pop string band Front Country plays live from BlakeSt in Bentonville, Arkansas, and chats with Bryan Hembree (Smokey & The Mirror), co-founder of the Fayetteville Roots Festival.

Front Country is Melody Walker (vocals, guitar, percussion), Jacob Groopman (guitar, resophonic guitar, mandolin, vocals), Adam Roszkiewicz (mandolin, banjo, vocals), and P.J. George (bass). Their latest single, “The Reckoning,” is available now.

Episode 6, Season 1 / Mar 18, 2020

Other Arrangements

Parker Millsap, Lavinia Jones Wright's "Skyline Drive," and a dispatch from Dilley, Texas

In Conversation

Emily Gogolak investigates Dilley, Texas, home to the largest immigration detention center in the country. Featuring interviews recorded for Gogolak’s essay “An Intersection at the End of America” from our Spring 2020 issue, available now. Emily Gogolak’s reporting was supported by the Pulitzer Center.

In Adaptation

Lavinia Jones Wright reads from “Skyline Drive,” a memoir of driving the scenic byway her grandfather helped build in the 1930s.

Composed and Co-Produced by Trey Pollard of Spacebomb

In Session

A performance by Gospel Rocker Parker Millsap.

Episode 5, Season 1 / Dec 18, 2019

Don’t Cry (Warrior Song)

Can we achieve togetherness in our time?

The Prologue

The story of Clyde Kennard, the first person to attempt desegregation at the University of Southern Mississippi.

In Conversation

Sarah M. Broom, National Book Award-winning author of The Yellow House

In Session

A performance from the No Tears Suite, an original jazz composition commissioned by the OA to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the desegregation crisis at Little Rock’s Central High School.

Featuring Kelley Hurt, Chris Parker, Brian Blade, Bill Huntington, Bobby LaVell, Marc Franklin, and Chad Fowler.

Episode 4, Season 1 / Nov 13, 2019

Mary Ann and One-Eyed Dan

Introducing the 21st annual Southern Music Issue: South Carolina

Editors' Roundtable

OA Editors discuss the upcoming South Carolina Music Issue and share their favorite stories and behind-the-scenes moments. Plus: A preview of the issue’s tracklist.

Featuring Eliza Borné, Maxwell George, Jay Jennings, and Hannah Saulters.

In Conversation

Deputy Editor Maxwell George with OA contributor David Ramsey.

Read David Ramsey’s essay “Like a Shovel and a Rope”.

Top 5

Maxwell George shares his favorite Southern Music Issue moments.

Episode 3, Season 1 / Oct 17, 2019

Cemetery Angel

AIDS and end-of-life care in Arkansas

The Prologue

Known as Arkansas’s “cemetery angel,” Ruth Coker Burks provided end-of-life care for patients with AIDS in Hot Springs during the height of the crisis and buried their remains in her family’s cemetery.

In Adaptation

“Three Encounters” by John Jeremiah Sullivan.
Performed by MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.

Produced by Spacebomb and Maxwell George

In Session

A Fayetteville Roots Festival performance by Los Texmaniacs.

Episode 2, Season 1 / May 8, 2020

The Hurting Kind

John Paul White, Mary Miller, and a dispatch from Horn Island, Mississippi

Magazine Feature

Julian Rankin, director of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, visits the artist’s sacred place, an island off the coast of Mississippi, and meditates on the conditions that influenced Anderson’s art.

Read Julian Rankin’s essay “Sacred Place” from the Fall 2019 issue.

In Conversation

Mary Miller, author of Biloxi.

In Session

A performance by John Paul White.

Episode 1, Season 1 / Sep 17, 2019

Working on a Building

Why is country music so white?

The Prologue

Ken Burns and Rhiannon Giddens discuss the legibility of African and African-American contributions to country music—from the Carter Family to Lil Nas X—and how that influence has been erased in the American consciousness.

Featuring Ken Burns, Rhiannon Giddens, and Julie Dunfey

In Conversation

Documentarians Julie Dunfey and Ken Burns on the soundscape of Country Music.

In Session

Dom Flemons performs from Black Cowboys live from the Oxford American stage