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Curtis Bauer, Clara Muschietti, María Sánchez, and Fedosy Santaella


Curtis Bauer is a poet and translator. His most recent poetry collection is American Selfie. His translation publications of contemporary Spanish-language literature include María Sánchez’s Land of Women (Trinity University Press, 2022) and Clara Muschietti’s This Could Take Some Time (Eulalia Books, 2022). He lives in Spain and Texas.

Clara Muschietti is a photographer, poet, and teacher. She has published numerous books, including La campeona de nado, Karateka, and Podría llevar cierto tiempo. In 2013 and 2021 she received National Arts Endowment Grants from the Argentine government, and in 2015 she received a Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences grant. This Could Take Some Time was translated into English by Curtis Bauer and published by Eulalia Books in spring 2022.

María Sánchez is a veterinarian and writer. Her books include her first collection of poems Cuaderno de campo and her bestselling memoir Tierra de mujeres: Una mirada íntima y familiar al mundo rural, which explores the links among people, animals, and nature. In 2021, she received the Princess of Girona Foundation Arts and Letters Prize. In spring 2022, Curtis Bauer’s English-language translation of Land of Women was published by Trinity University Press.

Fedosy Santaella writes prose and poetry. In 2009 he was a fellow in the University of Iowa International Writing Program. In 2016 he won the Novela Corta Ciudad de Barbastro (Spain) International Book Award for Los nombres. His poetry collections include Russian Criminal Tattoos, The Invisible Boat, and Daemon.