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Eyes on the South

Eyes on the South

A Way to Get Gone

Darryl DeAngelo Terrell’s images conjure a mythic link between land and liberation.

By Darryl DeAngelo Terrell

Eyes on the South

South Texas Souls

Esparza photographs lived experiences that highlight a complex and under-told history of Texas.

By Jenelle Esparza

Eyes on the South

Clay and Water

For Mika Fengler, the practice of photography is a buffer against “the incessant drumming of capitalism’s effects on culture and the land.”

By Mika Fengler

Eyes on the South

Loud Quiet Loud

In “The Kids Will Be All Right,” Jones collects a set of black-and-white photographs that exist on the border of calm and chaos.

By Cory Jones

Issue 120, Spring 2023

Dear Atlanta: Manipulation of the Reflection

In her visual love letter to ATL, Nicole Hernandez photographs authentic interactions between friends, lovers, and mothers.

By Nicole Hernandez

Eyes on the South

Atlanta Signage: Looking Up

This ongoing photo series gives light to the seemingly overlooked places and signs in Atlanta that may not stand the test of time and gentrification.


Eyes on the South

You are Where you're Supposed to Be

Through processed photos, image-based artist Billie Carter-Rankin witnesses her grandmother's growth in Milwaukee as part of the Southerners who moved North during the Great Migration.

By Billie Carter-Rankin

Eyes on the South

Fossils of the Future

Kristen Regan imagines modernized fossils made up of organic elements fused with discarded plastic objects.

By Kristen Regan

Eyes on the South

Hunting for the Archetype

I hunt for the archetype in the landscape and find hints of the apocalypse in the world around me.

By Julie Dermansky

Eyes on the South

In Two Places at Once

June Canedo de Souza documents the very nature of families and the notion of home.

By June Canedo de Souza

Documenting Deeply

By Will Warasila

Eyes on the South

A Way Home

Photographer Jay Simple explores ideas surrounding migration and the definition of home through self-portraiture, archival photographs, and sculptural installations.

By Jay Simple