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Seek & Destroy


It is such a tragedy, all this 
Working. The vacation 
I need is on your mark, 
Get set, go. It’s been years 
Since I’ve seen the light 
Of day. Move over cruise 
Control, ungut yourself 
Quiet desperation. If you 
Have a question about 
My resignation, please 
Submit it to the toilet that 
Sits on the scabby front 
Lawn. You say stay classy. 
I say blessed oracle, tell 
Me what goodness will 
Next arrive? The permit 
I have to King Kong up 
On any roof in town 
Reads Extremely Dangerous, 
Lifetime Guarantee. Sizzle, 
Sizzle, my palms sing 
When I spit in them. 
My long-term investment 
Plan is diversified: ching, 
Ching with pixie dust 
Sprinkled on top & long 
Baths in a wickedness 
That a couple of times 
A month I might shower 
Off. There will be a ton 
Of spectacular, a whole 
Lot of putting assholes 
In sleeper holds. This 
Is the way it is going to 
Go. Tapping strangers’ 
Shoulders & shouting 
When they turn around. 
Wide-open arms. Back- 
Slapping hugs. Some- 
Where down the road 
I will apply just enough 
Pressure to just slow 
The bleeding & then, 
Before its eyes forever 
Close, that thing you believe 
In will have to say I won. 

Alex Lemon reads “Seek & Destroy”

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Alex Lemon

Alex Lemon is the author of four poetry collections: Mosquito, Hallelujah Blackout, Fancy Beasts, and The Wish Book, as well as Happy: A Memoir and Feverland: A Memoir in Shards. A fifth book of poetry is forthcoming from Milkweed Editions. He lives in Fort Worth and teaches at Texas Christian University and in Ashland University’s Low-Residency MFA program.