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Cormac McCarthy’s haunted characters. A surreal appearance from Miles Davis. billy woods’s dystopian rhymes. Investigate the gothic South this Spring with Issue 120.


Issue 25, Winter 1999

“You have to keep going to the original source.” — Nancy Lemann in “My Actual Hero”

Never-before seen work by Walker Percy. An interview with President Jimmy Carter. Tony Early on Eudora Welty’s poor (fictional) relations. Fiction by Walker Percy and Wendy Brenner. Wendell Berry reconsiders the Agrarians.

Other contributors include Hal Crowther, Tom Piazza, Greg Smith, Edouard Glissant, John Shelton Reed, and more.


Dealer's Choice
by Hal Crowther

Gone off up North
by Roy Blount Jr. 

A Man in Fulton County 
Atlanta's reaction to Tom Wolfe's new novel.
by John Shelton Reed

Family Scenes:
My Grandfather's Finger
One family's unusual heirmloom.
by Edward Swift

Letter from Sister: What We Learned at the P.O.
On Eudora Welty's poor (fictional) relations. 
by Tony Earley

Southern Art:
Divine Visions
by Darcey Steinke

For the Love of Mullet
Why this "trash fish" has become a cause célèbre along the Gulf Coast.
by Diane Roberts

My Actual Hero
by Nancy Lemann

The Gift-Giver
by Patrick Samway, S.J.

In Black and White
Should black readers give Faulkner a second chance?
by Édouard Glissant

What Is It like to Be a Genius? Is It Cool or Hard? 
On the mathematician John Nash, game theory, and West Virginia.
by Greg Williamson

The Body Farm
It's not your average laboratory.
by Greg Smith

Still Standing
Why the prophecies of the Agrarians should not have been ignored.
by Wendell Berry

Southern Art:
The Literate Art of William Christenberry
by Randall Curb

Living (And Dining) in the Nu South
by John T. Edge

How to Survive the New Year 
by Tom Piazza

O Reality! A Year in Southern Verse 
by John J. Sullivan

Plugged Into the Mythic Past
by Anthony Walton

Snapshot of Jonquils
by James Applewhite


An Interesting Trip: Introduction to “Young Nuclear Physicist”
by Shelby Foote

Young Nuclear Physicist
A Southern Gentleman looks for love in New York.
by Walker Percy

Mr. Puniverse
May the force of desire be with you.
by Wendy Brenner

Southern Gallery

An Interview with 
Jimmy Carter


Cover: By Evelyn Hofer