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Issue 33, May / June 2000

“George Garrett used to say that it was literature if it bore ‘news of the spirit.’” — Hal Crowther, “Dealer’s Choice”

A Painted House by John Grisham, continued. Features by John Jeremiah Sullivan and Gary White. Fiction by John McManus.

Other contributors include Diane Roberts, James Hughes, Andrew King Collier, Jane Hirschfield, R.T. Smith, John T. Edge, Hal Crowther, Vicki Covington, Tom Piazza, P. Revess, Roy Blount Jr., and more.


Dealer's Choice 
by Hal Crowther

Meditations for Bad Girls
by Vicki Covington

Gone off up North 
by Roy Blount Jr.

Local Fare:
The biscuit, manna of the South, can be just as good coming through a fast-food window
by John T. Edge

A Southerner Abroad:
Learning to Be at Peace with War
War may be hell, but the “operations other than war” in Kosovo were sometimes disturbingly. . . fun
by Bob Shacochis

Old Sparky
A brief history of Florida’s legendary electric chair
by Diane Roberts

Brother, Can You Spare the Time?
George Clooney, friend of the common man, comes to Mississippi as part of a new Coen brothers’ movie
by James Hughes

P. Revess

The Writing Life:
Everyone's a Critic
Creative writing workshops are not for the faint of heart
by Andrea King Collier

Southern Music: 
The Man That Rode the Mule around the World
North Carolina crooner Charlie Poole shone briefly in the spotlight
by Tom Piazza


A Painted House
Looking through windows and listening at doors, Luke is burdened with new secrets. Part Three.
by John Grisham


Diaries of a Country Priest
Thomas Merton’s seven-volume journals illuminate the spiritual journey of a truly modern monk.
by John Jeremiah Sullivan

My 50 Marriages
In Florida any employee of the Clerk of Courts can marry couples, even if like Steven Barthelme in “I Do, I Do” (pg. 54), they’re only doing it for the health insurance.

by Gary White


The hardest part of love is keeping the object of your affection from escaping
by John McManus


Self-Portrait in a Borrowed Cabin, by Jane Hirshfield

In Horsehide Shoes, Fleur Hobbs Eats Cheese, Drinks Chinese Beers, & Laments the Nature of Her One Arrest
by R. T. Smith


Cover: “Eve" by Terry Rowlett