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Issue 39, May / June 2001

“One of the main reasons I married my ex-husband was because he promised I could raise some chickens. Now, in hindsight, I know that marrying only for the promise of chickens is the wrong reason to get married. But I was young and impressionable.” — Chela Gutierrez, “Prissy”

Previously unpublished fiction by James Dickey. Features by Tessa DeCarlo and Luke Dittrich. Robert Ashford Little remembers his next-door neighbor, William Faulkner. Poetry by Forrest Gander, Michael McFee, and Ron Rash.

Other contribuors include Diane Roberts, Lem Coley, John T. Edge, John Simpkins, and more.



Meditations for Bad Girls
by Vicki Covington

Dealer’s Choice
by Hal Crowther

Gone Off Up North
by Roy Blount Jr.

Local Fare:
An Untidy Pilgrimage
The extravagant adventures of the neglected food writer Eugene Walter.
by John T. Edge

Man’s New Best Friend?
A North Carolina couple wants to donate tiny horses to the blind. Is this a good idea?
by Andrea Cooper

Behind These City Walls
There are mysteries constructed into the very buildings of Washington, DC.
by Diane Roberts

A Southern Abroad: 
Space Invaders
A black American explores the murky racial boundaries of South Africa.
by John Simpkins

Animal Life:
The thrill and savagery of chicken farming.
by Chela Gutierrez

Stand and Deliver
Friends and colleagues remember James Dickey (1923–1997)

Oral History:
Growing Up with Mr. Faulkner
Remembering life next door to a Nobel Prize-winner
Robert Ashford Little as told to T.E. Simmons

Straight, No Chaser
The unsettling power of Southern Comfort.
by Stewart O’Nan

Book Views:
The Conflict Within Ourselves
A Recent biography of Allen Tate chronicles the Fugitive poet’s inner quarrels.
by Lem Coley

Southern Music: 
Sweetening the Lemon
A new collection polishes the tunes of bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson.
by Tom Piazza

Meditations for Bad Girls
by Vicki Covington

Dealer’s Choice
by Hal Crowther

Gone Off Up North
by Roy Blount Jr.


“The Innocent Negro”
The controversial world of outsider art.
by Tessa DeCarlo

Pageants Are My Life
A trip into the strange heart of child beauty pageants.
by Luke Dittrich


The Eye of the Fire
A previously unpublished story by the author of Deliverance.
by James Dickey


To Virginia
by Forrest Gander

by Michael McFee

The Request
by Ron Rash


Cover: (Left to right) Ensign Charles W. Miller, LTJG. Henry H. Dearing, and LTJG. Bus Alber walking toward their planes on board the USS SARATOGA for the Rabaul raid, 1943. Photo from the National Archives.