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Issue 46, May / June 2003


“Call New York the literary capital of America at a book party in New York, and watch people roll their eyes at your grasp of the self-evident. Brag up Southern writers in the South—at a literary gathering, a barbecue joint, a gas station, anywhere? Expect gleeful hoots of agreement.” — Mark Winegardner, “Fighting Words”

Essays by Duncan Murrell, Mark Winegardner, John T. Edge, Annie Wedekind, Laura Wilcox, and more. Photography by Naomi Harris. Fiction by Chris Bachelder. Poetry by Benjamin Pryor.


Editor’s Box
by Marc Smirnoff

News from the Front

Sense of Place:
Miami, Florida
Photographs by Naomi Harris

Local Fare:
On the Slug Burger Trail
by John T. Edge

Fighting Words
by Mark Winegardner

Lost World
by Annie Wedekind

In Louisiana:
A River Runs All Over It 
by Lauren Wilcox

Private History:
Kind of Lonesome Alone 
by Jeff Baker

Black Like Us
by Tom Wiener

Fine Print 
Redneck politics, the greatest country music singles, a chat with Madison Smart Bell, and more.

Music Notes 
Vic Chesnutt, Lisa Marie Presley, Songs: Ohia, and more.

Dealer’s Choice
Dispatch from a Marital Province
by Hal Crowther

Southern Scenes:
Miami, Florida
by Naomi Harris

Fortunate Train
by Benjamin Pryor


The Art of Politics
Wesley Clark will run for president when he’s good and ready.
by Duncan Murrell

Georgia and After
Breaking up on the road with just one state left to go.
A story by Chris Bachelder


Cover: Photograph of Westly Clark by Matthew Martin