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Issue 70, Fall 2010

The Future Issue

“The only thing that is certain is that the future of the South depends on a crazy idea that no one has come up with yet. Or maybe they already have and we just don’t know it.” — Publisher’s Note

Essays, reportage, comics, fiction, and poetry that strive to answer the question: What’s next for the South?

Contributors include Anne Gisleson, Hal Crowther, Michael Parker, Alex V. Cook, Timothy Ferris, Bill Belleville, Matthew Pitt, Kevin Brockmeier, Susan Straight, Wendy Brenner, Megan Mayhew Bergman, and others.


Editor’s Box
by Marc Smirnoff

South Toward Home:
A Message from the Desert 
by Warwick Sabin

I Don’t Hate It!:
Larry King and Lady Gaga Are the Same!
by Jack Pendarvis

Dealer’s Choice:
Beyond the Horizon 
by Hal Crowther

Local Fare:
Our Lady of Buford Highway
by John T. Edge

I'm with Stupid 
by Michael Parker

A New Colonial Age 
by Robert Zimmerman

Super Dome
by Alex V. Cook

An Experiment in Reason
by Timothy Ferris

Towns & Cities:
The Malaise of Sprawl
by Bill Belleville

After the Storm:
Magical Madness
by Matthew Pitt

Walker Percy's Dread Latter Days
by William Caverlee

Ten Great Novels of the Apocalypse
by Kevin Brockmeier

After the Storm:
Rise Off Your Knees, New Orleans
by Anne Gisleson

by Solon Timothy Woodward

Southern Scenes
Photograph by Adam Ekberg
Commentary by Pico Iyer

Life 2050
A selection of original comics by various artists


Big Wood
Celebrating the Southern live oak—wherever you can find it.
by Andrew Furman

Boundary Makers
Measuring the land while glimpsing its destruction.
by Philip Sasser


Diving Lesson, by Kitty Forbes

April & the Affront of Spring, by Kathy Davis

Genealogy, by Caki Wilkinson

Poetry, by David Lunde


Wargasm, by Patty Houston

National Anthem, by Victor LaValle

The Last Rehab, by Wendy Brenner

Twenty Hearts a Day, by James Whorton, Jr.

The Vicinity of the Sick, by M.O. Walsh

Do Not Enter the Memory, by Connie May Fowler

The Age of Happiness, by Nicholas Rombes

Maroon, by Susan Straight

Designer Emotion, by Charles Yu

Viral Free-Floating Critical Commentary, by Michael Martone

The Artificial Heart, by Megan Mayhew Bergman


Cover: “Schnecksville” (2005) by Greg Miller