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Issue 74, Fall 2011

The Education Issue

“You may not be the person that your parents take you to be. And—this thought is both more exciting and more dangerous—you may not be the person you take yourself to be, either.” — Mark Edmunson’s advice to college freshman.

Essays by Kevin Brockmeier, Emily Bernard, Mark Edmundson, J. Malcom Garcia, and others.

Ron Rash, Walton Muyumba, J.D. Daniels, Erik Reece, William Caverlee, Wendy Brenner, Megan Mayhew Bergman, and many more offer up their take on education in “Classroom Confidential”


Editor’s Box
by Marc Smirnoff

South Toward Home:
An Armistice Proposal
by Warwick Sabin

I Don’t Hate It!:
What Can We Learn From Gerald McRaney? 
by Jack Pendarvis

Local Fare:
Missing Grandma's Kitchen
by John T. Edge

Dealer’s Choice:
Fourth and Long
by Hal Crowther

Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?
by Mark Edmundson

After the Storm:
School of Hard Knocks
by Constance Adler

Writers on Dating:
In Real Life 
by Dan Kelly

Working Life
Nice Work If You Can Get It
by Andrea Avery

Writing on Writing:
Writing with Boys
by Lisa Annelouise Rentz

After the Storm:
The Lottery
by Anne Gisleson


The Refuge of the Classroom
Silence is not the only option.
by Emily Bernard

Seventh Grade
On Monday, they will wake up and everything will be different.
by Kevin Brockmeier

Smoke Signals
They survived Iraq—and died at home.
by J. Malcolm García


The Things She Carried
You don't need to be a war hero to fulfill your duty.
A story by Betsy Berry

Spontaneous Order
A postmodern pop quiz.
A story by D.H. Varma

Ghost College
He should have taken better care of his wife.
A story by Jack Pendarvis

The Collected Stories of Madison Charles
Couldn't he just figure out a way to make that shit up?
a story by Steve Yarbrough


American Gulag
by Emily Witt

Suck It Up!
by Marc Smirnoff

The List
by Kevin Brockmeier

Losting It
by Jed Horne


Ron Rash, Walton Muyumba, Michael Martone, J.D. Daniels, Dale Ray Phillips, Greg Bottoms, Wendy Brenner, Megan Mayhew Bergman, Erik Reece, Sarah A. Strickley, Mark Winegardner, James Whorton, Jr., Susan Straight, Michael Garriga, Steve Almond, William Caverlee, Clifford Paul Fetters, John Holman

Cover: “Untitled #71” (2003) by Nicholas Prior