Episode 9, Season 3 / Dec 7, 2023

The Counternarrative

How do we tell our most important stories?

The Prologue

In this episode, Points South producer Sara A. Lewis investigates stories—why and how they’re told at some of the South’s most vital and complicated civil rights sites. Join Sara on a trip from Louisiana’s Whitney Plantation, where the forgotten stories of enslaved people take center stage; to Mitchelville, South Carolina, where the joyful history of emancipation is remembered and recreated; to Birmingham, Alabama, where the city seeks to preserve and interpret some of the greatest tragedies and triumphs of the 20th century civil rights movement. Along the way, Sara speaks to experts and educators to learn more about how telling these stories shapes our understandings of our histories, our homes, and ourselves.


Stories about Stories

Here at the O.A., we're obviously interested in telling stories. But as this episode highlights, we're also interested in how and where stories are told. Recent examples of how this fascination has informed our contributors’ work include Billie Carter-Rankin’s use of experimental photo processes to think about stories of emancipation and C. J. Bartunek’s complex profile of the actor who portrays Thomas Jefferson at the president’s historic residence of Monticello.