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© Daniel Dorsa

A Cure for Loneliness

Artist: Daniel Dorsa

Project: Paradise

Description: Daniel Dorsa began taking the photographs for Paradise out of boredom, when he’d visit home and make long drives throughout South and Central Florida, looking for stimulation and a cure for the loneliness he’d long felt there. Thinly populated, rich in tone, and defined by wide, flat spaces and structures, Paradise’s images display the peculiar mix of isolation and liveliness unique to Dorsa’s home state. In each frame, Dorsa aspires to capture a sense of return and discovery, evoking his belief that “every part of Florida can bring you to a new world.”

Eyes on the South is curated by Jeff Rich. The weekly series features selections of current work from Southern artists, or artists whose photography concerns the South. 




Daniel Dorsa

Daniel Dorsa is a photographer from Florida and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His imagery is inspired by the playful collaboration between him and his subjects as well as light and place, which shapes the narrative within his work.