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Laundry, West End, Atlanta

Atlanta Signage: Looking Up

Artist: EWANG

Project: Atlanta Signage: Looking Up

Description: Photographer EWANG's initial inspiration for this Atlanta-based project is Matt Siber’s “Floating Logos” series. Siber photographed the landscape and signage across the Midwest, which he described as “corporate beacons [that] emit their message by looming over us in their glowing, plastic perfection.” 

Atlanta Signage: Looking Up uses Siber as inspiration to reimagine Atlanta’s ever-changing landscape. This ongoing photo series aims to give light to the seemingly overlooked places and signs in Atlanta that may not stand the test of time and gentrification. EWANG documents these landmarks in a way that demands the viewer to not only respect their surroundings, but remain cognizant of what Atlanta stands to lose.

Atlanta Motel, Moreland Ave, Atlanta

Shoe Show, West End, Atlanta

Happy Donuts, East Atlanta, Atlanta

Easy Rental, West End, Atlanta

Supreme Fish Delight, Edgewood, Atlanta

West End Mall, West End, Atlanta

Express Oil Change, Moreland Ave, Atlanta

Motor City, East Atlanta Village, Atlanta

Zee Package Store, Kirkwood, Atlanta

Moreland Package Store, Moreland Ave, Atlanta

Cox Bros Funeral Home, Edgewood, Atlanta

Leo's Auto Detailing, Kirkwood, Atlanta

Station Grove Baptist Church, Kirkwood, Atlanta


EWANG is a Taiwanese-American photographer based in East Atlanta, GA. Working with medium format film photography, she documents scenes that portray reality’s softer moments. With a BFA concentration in Photography, she focuses on bridging the two worlds of Atlanta’s diverse culture and visual storytelling. See more of her work at