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Transient Salesman, 2013 | All images inkjet print from tintype, 40”x50”

Off the Grid

Artist: Cole Caswell

Location: Maine, New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, California, New Mexico

Project: Peripheral Subsistence

Description: Cole Caswell’s photography explores the lives of people who live off the conventional grid, such as a homeless DIY punk couch-surfing in Savannah and a retired stock trader/primitive-skills-master hiding out on a swampy homestead. Caswell develops his images, all tintypes, on the road in a hand-built portable darkroom.

Cole Caswell investigates landscape, place, environment, and geography through traditional, historic, and digital photographic mediums. He received an interdisciplinary MFA from the Maine College of Art, and has been working, living, and observing while traveling through the county as a nomad.

Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich is a photographer based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Jeff currently teaches photography at Coastal Carolina University. He curates the OA’s weekly photo series, Eyes on the South.