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With a visual love letter to Atlanta, reflections on Cormac McCarthy’s haunted characters, a surreal short story starring an immortal Miles Davis, and so much more, you don’t want to miss the Spring 2023 Issue.


Issue 80, Spring 2013

“[It is true] that the South is not a simple subject; it is not one thing or one idea or even one place. People inhabiting a broad diversity of landscapes and cultures and traditions somehow know themselves to be united by history…even if they frequently disagree about its meaning.” — Roger D. Hodge, Editor’s Letter

John Jeremiah Sullivan on that goddamn devil; fiction by Jamie Quatro; John T. Edge on Atlanta’s immigrant farmers; poetry by Sandra Beasley; foraging in North Carolina’s post-apocalyptic backwoods; and more.


Three Encounters, by John Jeremiah Sullivan

Postcards of the Hanging, by Daniel Wolff

King of Mississippi, a poem by Sandra Beasley

We the Ambassadors, by Brian Boyles 

Belle Gone Bad, by Lynn Stuart Parramore

Daisy and Me, by Janis F. Kearney

Photographs by Paul Kwilecki, introduction by Tom Rankin

The Passion of the Passion, by Bobby Ampezzan

Group Fitness, by Roxane Gay

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks, by Amanda Petrusich

Music for the Body, by Holly Gleason

We Sail from Memphis, by Richard J. Alley

A Susurration of Palms, by Thomas Swick

The Day After, by Frad Bahnson

Local Fare: I Had a Farm in Atlanta, by John T. Edge


Fog Count
Bodies in Motion and at Rest in a West Virginia Prison
by Leslie Jamison

Ravaged Beauty
Photographs of the Texas Gulf Coast
by J Henry Fair

Welcome to Soul City
The Remains of a Black Power Utopia in North Carolina
by Amanda Shapiro

They're Not Like Deer
by Dan Baum

This! Is! Yelling!
The Art and Science of Screaming “Stella!”
by Elena Passarello

A Suitcase Named Desire
Victor Campbell Remembers His Life with Tennessee Williams
by Joshua Clark

Wavefunction Collapse
A story by Jamie Quatro


Art by: Laura Findlay, Gilda Louise Aloisi, Emily Kinni, Mark Cohen, Amanda Kowalski, Tierney Gearon, Justin Forbes, Alexis Vasilikos, Gordon Parks, Chuck Travers, Katherine Adams, Susan Worsham, Ben Couvillion, Mark Tucker, Beate Sass, Paul Kwilecki, Nathan Alexander Ward, Greg Allikas, David de Lossy, Dushan Milic, Bastienne Schmidt

Cover: "Tim" (2009) by Laura Findlay