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Issue 88, Spring 2015

Featuring a special section on Southern food

This issue features a special section titled “Breaking Bread: Who is welcome at the welcome table?” Edited by John T. Edge—director of the Southern Foodways Alliance and the OA’s longtime “Local Fare” columnist—the section includes an essay by Chris Offutt on trash food; a poem by Kevin Young; Lolis Eric Elie on the late Rudy Lombard; Sara Roahen on Lance Hill’s campaign to save the mirliton; and Todd Kliman on the absence of African-American diners in a city’s culinary scene. 

Points South

Frankye's Cookbooks, by Frances Mayes

The Coded Life of William Thomas Prestwood, by Jeremy B. Jones

The Transom, by Anne Gisleson

He Is Conan, by Ron Rash

Working, by Jamie Quatro

Our Faith in Horses, by Jamie Allen

The Night Watchman, by Hal Crowther 

A Start is Enough, by Jay Jennings 


Walking the Tornado Line
by Justin Nobel

Art Against the Wall
by Stephanie Elizondo Griest

McElwee's Confessions
by William Giraldi

A story by John McManus


Campsite, Shenandoah
by Jill McDonough

by Michael Klein

Silencer to the Heart While Jogging Through a Park
by Marcus Wicker

The Shrimpy Grits
by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Breaking Bread: Who is welcome at the welcome table?

Going Deeper with Red Dog
by John T. Edge

Pining, a defintion
by Kevin Young

Coding and Decoding Dinner
by Todd Kliman

A Revolutionary Vegetable
by Sara Roahen

Rudy Lombard's Feast of Freedom
by Lolis Eric Elie

Cooking with Chris:
Trash Food
by Chris Offutt


Art by: Ben Schonzeit, Carroll Cloar, Matt Armendariz, Robert Moran, Jeremy Chandler, Anna Beeke, Lynn Gessaman, Zoe Crosher, Lance Letscher, Amy Friend, Aline Smithson, Alexis Rockman, Maurice Sherif, Stefan Falke, Susan Harbage Page, Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, Tom Martin, Kevin Leighton, Ben Couvillion, RaMell Ross, DeeAnn Wagner, Preston Gannaway, John T. Biggers, Barbara Ciurej, Lindsay Lockman

Cover: “Sunshine on Peaches,” a painting by Ben Schonzeit