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With a visual love letter to Atlanta, reflections on Cormac McCarthy’s haunted characters, a surreal short story starring an immortal Miles Davis, and so much more, you don’t want to miss the Spring 2023 Issue.

“Night” by Jaime Erin Johnson

Issue 98, Fall 2017



Always walked this close between the rows.
Always smoked so many seeds.

You will find yourself dragging 
               a live rabbit 

by one foot, the other kicking.

Later, I tried a smaller size.

There was a time when only beggars 
                went bareheaded. 

Brief as corn, as silk.

It made me think of Sappho saying tomorrow 
             you had better use your soft hands.

Nothing I have known ever seemed real 
until I touched you with it.

Jenny Browne reads “Luck”


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More of Jaime Erin Johnson’s photography can be found in her Eyes on the South feature.

Jenny Browne

Jenny Browne’s most recent collection of poems is Dear Stranger. A former James A. Michener Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, she lives in downtown San Antonio and teaches at Trinity University.