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Cormac McCarthy’s haunted characters. A surreal appearance from Miles Davis. billy woods’s dystopian rhymes. Investigate the gothic South this Spring with Issue 120.

Believing is Seeing

Artist: Elizabeth Moran

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Project: Record of Cherry Road

Description: “Do we simply see what we believe or do we believe what we see?” This is the question posed by Elizabeth Moran in her series “Record of Cherry Road,” which investigates paranormal activity on her family’s land in Memphis, Tennessee. The project references nineteenth-century “spirit photography” as well as contemporary sightings of supernatural phenomena.

Measuring visual disturbances #2 (2014)

Radio towers (2014)

Cary’s Record of Cherry Road (1960s/2014)

George (2014)

Artifact, Raleigh Cemetery (2013)

Cherry Road (2014)

Artifact, chromatic aberration (2013)

Laser grid (2013)

Measuring visual disturbances #1 (2013)

Artifact, family plot (2013)

Bellevue (2013)

Artifact, George with banjo (1984/2013)

Halloween (2014)

Cotton field, ectoplasm (2014)

Walks of the ghost (First Floor) from Cary’s Record of Cherry Road (1960s/2014)

Site of activity, old well (2014)

Trifield EMF Meter (2013)

Cary’s grave (2014)

Sewanee (2014)

Artifact, bayou (original date unknown/2014)

George and George (1960s/2014)

Pyramid of Memphis (2014)

Untitled, Bellevue (2014)

Measuring visual disturbances #3 (2014)

Untitled, bayou (2014)

Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth Moran was born in Houston and lives in San Francisco. Her work is preoccupied with unknown or little-understood histories. In addition to photography, Moran’s work often includes text, found objects, audio, and books.