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Watermelon | All photographs by Maury Gortemiller

Everyday, Surreal

Artist: Maury Gortemiller

Project: Memorial Water

Description: In the series Memorial Water, Maury Gortemiller blends the familiar of everyday scenes into the surreal plane of memory. Whether photographing candidly or staging and digitally altering the shots, Gortemiller focuses on moments in one’s personal history that are just beyond clear recollection, such as “a half-remembered face” or “the distant memory of a hazily-recalled conversation.” 

Maury Gortemiller is an Atlanta-based photographer and educator. His work has appeared in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the Aperture Foundation Gallery in New York. His written work has appeared most recently in Art Papers, Perdiz Magazine, and The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. His series Do the Priest in Different Voices  appeared on Eyes on the South in 2013.

Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich is a photographer based in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Jeff currently teaches photography at Coastal Carolina University. He curates the OA’s weekly photo series, Eyes on the South.