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© Ty White

Rural Resilience

Artist: Ty White

Project: Sippi

Description: Ty White covers a lot of ground in Sippi, an ongoing series of scenes spanning the Mississippi Delta, a region whose backroads he knows well. In vignettes of the state’s unique “relics, local characters, and open landscapes,” White brings clarity and visibility to what is often isolated and unseen. While he understands the poverty and difficulty that run through the Delta, it emerges in his photographs as a place of resilience and beauty.


Eyes on the South&\#xA0;is curated by&\#xA0;Jeff Rich. The weekly series features selections of current work from Southern artists, or artists whose photography concerns the South. To submit your work to the series, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ty White

Ty White is a self-taught photographer from Memphis, Tennessee, who currently works and resides in Jackson, Mississippi. You can find more of his work by following him on Instagram @tlwhite_.