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All photos © Karen Halverson

Stroll and Strut

Artist: Karen Halverson

Project: New Orleans & the Levees

Description: Originally interested in documenting the levees that fortify New Orleans, photographer Karen Halverson found herself equally enthralled with the people walking along the levees as she was with the structures themselves. “When I wander up onto the levee walls,” she explains, “I discover that they do more than play a defensive role. They offer fresh air, a broad view of the river, and a chance to mingle. People stroll and strut on the levees, inviting a response.”

In her series New Orleans & the Levees, Halverson alternates between bright, uninhibited portraits and stark industrial landscapes, capturing the inherent tension of living in a city that is always sinking and the extraordinary engineering measures taken to protect it. The effect is optimistic and profound. Watching people promenade down the levees, Halverson reflects, “I fear for the city’s safety while I celebrate its freewheeling spirit.”


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Karen Halverson

Karen Halverson is known for her photographs of the cultural and natural landscape of the West, and more recently, of the South. She is currently documenting rising seas in South Florida. Her work has been collected and exhibited by major American museums and is archived by the Beinecke Library at Yale. Find her work on her website and on Instagram.