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Issue 101, Summer 2018

In our third annual Southern Journeys feature, five writers travel far and near—from Cuba to Hawaii to Tennessee and Texas—in search of understanding: about their personal histories and roots, about our neighbors and changing landscape.

Contributors include: Lucas LoredoLisa CoffmanDaniel Blue TyxHolly Haworth, Justin Nobel, Renee Simms, Osayi Endolyn, and John T. Edge. Plus: short stories from Becky Hagenston and Caroline Beimford—and much more. 

Editor’s Letter: Novel Roads, by Eliza Borné


Atlanta Hellride, by Noah Gallagher Shannon

The Place of Lost Things, by Osayi Endolyn

Storage and Retrieval, a story by Becky Hagenston

The Meaning of Knots, by Renee Simms 

Local Fare: Dixie Vodka, by John T. Edge


Mother Tongue
Sifting my fractured family’s past in our Cuban homeland
by Lucas Loredo

Fugitive Plateau
On the trail of a tragedy in the Big South Fork  
by Lisa Coffman

Riding the Tornado
Documenting migrant workers’ cross-country journey
by Daniel Blue Tyx

The Unbearable Lightness of Being My Father
Hawaii fragments
by Holly Haworth

Driving the Sunken Coast
The cycle of storm and development continues
by Justin Nobel


Finding Big Man
Brother Dynamite in reflection
by John O’Connor

Five Poems
by Dean Young

Feeling the Spirit
A story by Caroline Beimford


Everything Went Wild
Reading Florida
by Sarah Viren

Cooking with Chris: 
Nobody Likes Me
by Chris Offutt


Art by: Meg Griffiths, Woodrow White, Raul Gonzalez, David Morico, Allison Janae Hamilton, Julia Jacquette, Jonas Wood, Leo Twiggs, Till Gerhard, Tria Giovan, Kim Dorland, Jeremy M. Lange, Jenny Sathngam, S. Gayle Stevens and Judy F. Sherrod, Wadsworth Jarrell, Anastasia Samoylova, Samantha French, Jackson Hallberg, Maximilian Toth

Cover: “De las montañas” (2014), by Meg Griffiths, from the series Casa Particular. Published in the book Casa de fruta y pan (Aint–Bad)