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Is the South Still Gothic?

Ten accomplished photographers interpret the Southern terrain

Issue 14, October / November 1996

“Andra Eggleston with mother,” Memphis, TN (1991) by Maude Schuyler Clay

“Flag,” Sardis, MS (1995) by William Christenberry

“James ‘Son’ with Sculpture” Leland, MS (1988) by Rex Miller

“Self-Portrait After Fishing Accident,” Banner, MS (1995) by Tom Rankin

“Amy Deanna Grant,” Maringouin, LA, (1986) by Thomas Neff

“Untitled from the Grapevine Series,” West Virginia (1990) by Susan Lipper

“Untitled from Ma Cille’s Museum of Miscellany,” Gordo, AL (1995) by Birney Imes

“Backyard with Birdbath,” Monroe, LA (1993) by Margeret Sartor

“The Resurrection Flags,” Como, MS (1995) by Jack Spencer

“Brothers at Brother’s and Mother’s Graves,” Hooterville, KY (1994) by Shelby Lee Adams

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