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Issue 86, Fall 2014

This issue features a new short story by Merritt Tierce, one of the National Book Foundation’s “5 under 35” authors, and poetry by Dorianne Laux and Fady Joudah, selected by new OA poetry editor Rebecca Gayle Howell. Besides excellent writing, the the issue includes more than twenty drawings and photographs, including Mississippi juke joint photography from longtime contributor Bill Steber; returning artists Mando AlvarezAllison V. SmithMark CohenMcNair Evans, and many others; and a stunning original illustration by Eleanor Davis. The cover image is Krista Steinke’s “Insects.”


Do the Right Thing, by Benjamin Hedin

Twenty Seconds with the King, by Phil McCausland

A Place to Root, by Holly Haworth

Blue Monday, by John McElwee

Local Fare: My Civil War, by John T. Edge


No Twang of Conscience Whatever
by Patsy Sims 

Flood Protection
by Anne Gisleson

Sky Burial
by Alex Mar

One Corner of Yoknapatawpha
by James Seay

A story by Merritt Tierce


Two Poems
 by Dorianne Laux

Error's Refuge

Two Poems
 by Fady Joudah

The Peach State


Guitar Drag
by Greil Marcus

Living on the Hyphen
by Sarah Menkedick

Cooking with Chris:
CIA Cake & Jeff Davis Pie
by Chris Offutt


Art by: Krista Steinke, Michael Pajon, JT Blatty, Mando Alvarez, Allison V. Smith, Bill Steber, Adam Mysock, Ana Kapodistria, Mark Cohen, Chris Fowler, Gary Cawood, Todd Hido, Ysabel LeMay, Ajay Malghan, Jim Goldberg, Kathleen Robbins, McNair Evans, Jo Ann Callis, Eleanor Davis, Greely Myatt, Rachel Bee Porter

Cover: “Insects” (from the series Purgatory Road), 2012, by Krista Steinke