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“30°28'5.88"N, 91°12'37.73"W” (Port Allen) | All photographs by AnnieLaurie Erickson

Constellations of Light

Artist: AnnieLaurie Erickson

Project: Slow Light

Description: The series Slow Light by AnnieLaurie Erickson documents oil refineries up and down the Mississippi River. “When I first moved to Louisiana,” Erickson says of the project, “I was struck by the appearance of oil refineries at night, which looked like strange forbidden cities.” She began to photograph them with an afterimaging camera, which renders the refineries as “ghostly, mysterious constellations of light.” 

Eyes on the South is curated by Jeff Rich. The weekly series features selections of current work from Southern artists, or artists whose photography concerns the South. To submit your work to the series, email Jeff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

AnnieLaurie Erickson

AnnieLaurie Erickson is an artist and educator residing in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she is the Ellsworth Woodward Junior Professor in Studio Art and the Director of Photography at Tulane University. Erickson has recently exhibited her work at Higher Pictures, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Newspace Center for Photography, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, among other venues.