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Loud Quiet Loud

Cory Jones's black-and-white photographs exist on the border of calm and chaos

Artist: Cory Jones

Project: “The Kids Will Be All Right” 

Description: At nineteen, Cory Jones moved from New Hampshire to Georgia and found comfort in the punk rock scene. Surrounded by some of the freshest sounds in Southern punk—including bands like Upchuck, Ladrones, and The Sporrs—Jones put his camera to work and, over five years, photographed the misfit musicians inhabiting Atlanta, specifically the East Atlanta area, who provided the soundtrack to his newfound life in the city. At the same time, he also found solace in the quiet, mellower moments afforded by his slow-paced Southern landscape. In his new series “The Kids Will Be All Right,” Jones collects a set of black-and-white photographs that exist on the border of calm and chaos. By pairing stoic portraits and images of neighborhood landmarks with unfiltered rock & roll realism, Jones captures the emotional seesaw of one’s early twenties, with all its noise, beauty, and downbeats in between.

Curated by: EWANG 

Cory Jones

Born in Georgia but raised in southern New Hampshire, Cory Jones is a film photographer finding himself once again in Atlanta, depicting a wide range of soft moments. From his portraiture paired with obscured imagery, to the diverse landscapes he captures, Jones finds a way to make current surroundings a moment from the past we will all remember. Find him on instagram @cory.slr