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Danielle A. Jackson


Danielle A. Jackson is a Memphis-born writer and the editor of the Oxford American.


Issue 111, Winter 2020

Up Above My Head

These are questions of inheritance. Beyond my eye, beyond the death and decay of matters left behind and unsettled, the music ringing up above my head told a thousand stories of bounty and belonging,...

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 113, Summer 2021

How Beautiful My Land Is

This issue focusing on the idea of place invites you to consider the transitory nature of “home”: the ways who we are creates it; the ways the past and future converge; the ways the very land we...

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 114, Fall 2021

A Belief in Birds

We wanted to reimagine the canon, revisit classics in new and striking ways, and introduce a new vanguard of literary adventurers, soothsayers, and prophets.

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 115, Winter 2021

Editor’s Letter: A Rhythm Nation

This issue is dedicated to the impossible hope of movement.

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 116, Spring 2022

Editor's Letter: We Are Ever New

For our thirtieth anniversary, we won’t make a monument to our past. But we will spend the year honoring the storytelling tradition we have come to exemplify—by leaning into the work.

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 117, Summer 2022

Editor’s Letter: Big Brother

Resilience, we often forget, is conjured through peril.

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 118, Fall 2022

Editor's Letter: To the West

We should remember that the American South has reams of Indigenous history, dead and alive, to recover, and honor, and connect with.

By Danielle A. Jackson

Issue 120, Spring 2023

Editor's Letter: "Every Brush Stroke, a Breath"

For this issue, we wanted a fresh start borne of our triumphs and our challenges. And we wanted the issue to feel like a breath.

By Danielle A. Jackson