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Ballads: Web Edition

An online extension of our annual Southern Music Issue

Digital Exclusives

“That’s how I know a ballad is powerful: it forces you to go full out, toward perfection.”

Kendra Allen

The Playlists


Southern Music Sampler Vol. 25—Ballads  (full credits)

Gracias a la Vida
by Clarissa Frogoso Pinheiro (from “Gracias a la Vida”)

Church Girl
by Noah Taylor Britton (from “Never Walk Alone”)

Nocturnal Bliss: A Quiet Storm Playlist
by Rayceen Pendarvis (from “Never Alone in the Night”) 

At the Top of  Your Lungs Is a Power Imbalance 
by Kendra Allen (from “At the Top of Your Lungs Is a Power Imbalance”)

Staff Recs: Ballads 
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About Her Voice: Mariah Carey's Artistic Lineage (from “About Her Voice”)

From the Archive