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Issue 85, Summer 2014

This issue features new fiction by George Singleton and Lisa Howorth. In the latest installment of “Cooking with Chris,” Chris Offutt divulges the pimento cheese recipe that fueled multigenerational feuding in his family. Local Fare columnist John T. Edge—whose work for the OA was recently selected for the forthcoming anthology Best Food Writing 2014—explores the cultural linkages between India and the American South. In addition to excellent writing, the OA’s Summer issue includes more than twenty drawings and photographs, including Instagram shots and Polaroids.


Black Patti 8030, by Amanda Petrusich

Son Thomas Makes a Ladyhead, by Cree McCree 

Last of the Red Hot Poppas, by Eric Benson

Last Will, a story by Lisa Howorth

The Ludowici Trap, by Tom Zoellner

A Guide to Surviving your Father's Homelessness, by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams

Consider the Squirrel, by Jamie Allen

American Folk, photographs by Lisa Elmaleh

The Ghosts of Memphis, by Carol Spindel

Local Fare: Deep South Vadouvan, by John T. Edge


Daughters of the Springs
by Lauren Groff 

Scout's Honor
by Rosecrans Baldwin 

O Beulah Land
by Catherine Venable Moore

Jack My Heart
by William Giraldi

Traditional Development
A story by George Singleton 


Tornado, by Ansel Elkins

Because There’s Still a Sky, Junebug, by Tarfia Faizullah

Stand, by Jericho Brown

Along the Mississippi, by Monica A. Hand 


Private Household Occupations
by Ellen Ann Fentress 

Musings for Chameleons
Hilton Als’s white girls
by Natalie Elliott 

Cooking with Chris:
Bourbon and Cheese
by Chris Offutt 


Art by: Julie Blackmon, Bob Bayne, Jared Soares, Ken Brown, Rex Miller, Michael Sherwin, Thomas Prior, Anna Dykema, Tim Davis, Michelle Norris, Lisa Elmaleh, Brian Anderson, Meryl Truett, Michael Muller, Chris Jackson, Roger May, Scott Hubener, Eleanor Davis, Kendall Messick, Ralph Smith

Cover: “Stock Tank” by Julie Blackmon