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Issue 89, Summer 2015

The Fiction Issue

This issue includes a selection of ten short stories by Jill McCorkle, Micah Stack, Antonya Nelson, Ramona Ausubel, David Means, Jayne Anne Phillips, Chris Drangle, Christine Schutt, April Ayers Lawson, and Nick Fuller Googins. The works were selected by guest-editor Jamie Quatro, who opens the issue with an introduction to the stories called “Asking for Directions.”

Plus essays by Will Blythe, Chris Offutt, Delaney Nolan; poetry by Davis McCombs; and more.


Asking for Directions, by Jamie Quatro

Origin Stories, a story by Nick Fuller Googins

Three Friends in a Hammock, a story by April Ayers Lawson

Burst Pods, Gone-by, Tangled Aster, a story by Christine Schutt

Dithyrambalina, by Delaney Nolan

Confessions, three stories by David Means

Untold Story, a story by Jayne Anne Phillips

Eff Scott, by Harrison Scott Key

The Sinkhole, by Keith O’Brien

Common Ground, by Courtney Balestier

Like a One-Eyed Cat, by Randal O'Wain


A story by Jill McCorkle

Making Love
A story by Antonya Nelson

A Local's Guide to Dating in Slocomb County
A story by Chris Drangle

The G.R.I.E.F.
A story by Micah Stack

Do Not Save the Ferocious, Save the Tender
a story by Ramona Ausubel

Five Encounters with Vegetation
by Will Blythe


Four Poems 
by David McCombs

Of Thorns
Liquid Assets 
The Hill Itself


The Metcalfiad
Ben Metcalf's sentences of feeling
by Wyatt Mason

Cooking with Chris:
Making the Water
by Chris Offutt


Art by: Isabel M. Martinez, Leanne Surfleet, Ben Couvillon, Jeffrey Whittle, John Baldessari, Tatum Shaw, Natalie Faye, Andre Petterson, Katie Kline, Michelle Arcila, Burk Uzzle, Wendy Given, Walker Pickering, David Bowman, Annie Wentzell, Galina Kurlat, Katherine Wolkoff, Tom Martin, Kehinde Wiley, Eleanor Davis, Bradley Castellanos, Bo Bartlett, Andrew Kodama

Cover: “Dock #1” © Isabel M. Martinez (2011), from the series Quantum Blink