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Issue 116, Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 issue kicks off our epic, year-long celebration of the Oxford American's thirtieth anniversary.

Across a range of genres and subjects, our writers meditate on memory, identity, and art-making via illuminating insights on Southern music, literature, politics, and more. Join us in commemorating the magazine's expansive history with original essays and stories from contributors familiar and new.

Editor's Letter: We Are Ever New by Danielle A. Jackson


Miss Betty, by Diane Roberts

Search History, by Allison Braden

Busing Battle, by Kelundra Smith

Making Paradise, by Austyn Gaffney

Erosion, by Jeanie Riess

Questing for the Past, by Katherine Churchill

When the Barrios Hear Her Song, by Verónica Dávila Ellis



A story by Kristen Arnett

Music City
A poetic sequence
by Didi Jackson and Major Jackson

People Change All The Time
A story by Charles Ramsay McCrory

Louisiana Girls
What's a happy ending for Britney Spears?
by Lauren Stroh


Coda for Winifred Rembert
Two recent exhibitions feature scenes depicted in the artist's memoir, Chasing Me to My Grave 
by Rebecca Bengal

For Daughters of Southern Sundays
An African name in an American place
by Imani Perry

A Return to the Black Mountains with Moses Sumney
From the web
by Clarissa Brooks


Art by: Xaviera Simmons, Rose Marie Cromwell, Olivier Souffrant, Darrel Ellis, Carter/Reddy, Meg Griffiths, Brian Dettmer, Allison Braden, Dominic Chambers, Molly Z. G., Nicolas Grenier, David Shrobe, Juan Arango Palacios, Michelle Garcia, Kristine Potter, William Greiner, Anna Jensen, Winfred Rembert, Nadiya I. Nacorda, Spencer Kelly

Cover: Sundown (Number Fourteen), 2018, by Xaviera Simmons. Courtesy the artist and David Castillo, Miami