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Issue 82, Fall 2013

“[Agee] seeks complication in every sense—from the incongruous ‘Design’ of his book to the gritted convolution of his sentences. He’s damning by excess, and constantly purging it. His eye for beauty turns his stomach.” — Leslie Jamison reflects on Let us Now Praise Famous Men, by James Agee

Alex Mar investigates a convent; Pia Z. Ehrhardt remembers the owls on Solomon Place; William Giraldi spends a few days with Allan Gurganus.

Plus: fiction by Thomas Pierce and George Singleton. Additional essays by Diane Roberts, Wendy Brenner, David Means, James Seay, and others.


Game of Tribe, by Diane Roberts

Telegram, by Wendy Brenner

Fatherhood: Three, by David Means

The Bootlegger and the Baby, by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly

The Wolves of Angola, by Brian Boyles

Rendezvous at the Trist, by Anne Gisleson

Getaway Blues, by Jeff Winkler

Leaving Day, by William Caverlee

Balls of Fire, by Patrick Wensink

Code 500, by Stephanie Elizondo Griest

Build Me a School, by Susan Straight

Will Davis Campbell (1924-2013), by Hal Crowther

The Man on the Ladder, by Michael Patrick Welch

Local Fare: Debts of Pleasure, by John T. Edge


The Return of Allan Gurganus
by William Giraldi

The Secret Life of Nuns
by Alex Mar

The Owls of Solomon Place
by Pia Z. Ehrhardt

A story by George Singleton

The Weight of a Feather
by James Seay

Something Inside of Us
by Holly Haworth

Bombs for Sale
by Nathan C. Martin

Dave Evans and the Bluegrass Palace
by Lee Johnson

Why We Ate Mud
by Thomas Pierce


Make It Scream, Make It Burn
On James Agee's Cotton Tenants
by Leslie Jamison

The Adaptation
A new book about the greatest fan film ever made
by Theodore Ross

Cooking with Chris:
Baked Possum
by Chris Offutt


Art by: Tierney Gearon, Bryan Schutmaat, Tristan Spinski, Aaron Canipe, Kathleen Robbins, Eirik Johnson, Tom Young, Walton Ford, Susan Worsham, Holly Lynton, Alec Soth, Pete Muller, Dornith Doherty, Magdalena Solé , Henry Groskinsky, Zack Smith, Karl Bissinger, Harry Taylor, Lordan Bunch, Keith Carter, Rob Fischer, Coke Wisdom O'Neal, Patrick Madigan, Carlan Tapp, Peter Van Agtmael, Aubrey Edwards, Alexi Hobbs, Eleanor Davis, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Allison Schulnik 

Cover: "Untitled 2000" by Tierney Gearon